Mary Foley – Mosaic Artist Spotlight


How did l get into mosaics ?

When l retired l was looking for something creative to do. l had done quite a few different crafts, Polyclay, Jewellery making, painting and decorating half-dolls , bead knitting, wire wrapping , embroidery, and tile transfers. l wanted something that wouldn’t cost the earth but was challenging. Incorporating some clay , transfer on tile, stained glass squares and some new nippers and mosaic glue l made my first mosaic. I WAS HOOKED!!

How long have l been doing mosaics?
My first mosaic was done in September 2008.

Why Mosaics?

Firstly l love working with all the different tesserae, tiles, gems, ceramic pieces, glass gems etc, doing different colours and designs. As well, unlike leadlight work, when using glass, as in glass on glass , the glass doesn’t have to be precisely cut. It is great seeing the result of the GOG after grouting! Lastly many different substrates can be used. Glass , wood, cement sheet, concrete, recycled frames , foam balls are some l have used to work on.

How have my other interests , hobbies, career influenced my mosaics?

Being retired means l have lots of spare time. Leftover beads, tiles etc from my previous hobbies have also been very handy to use in my mosaics. l have been interested in all types of art from an early age.

How and what inspires me?

Being a very active member of the mosaic flickr group inspires me to try different styles . There is a challenge group that nominates different mosaics each month or so, that really motivates me and l love to participate. “Patterns” is one that is on at the moment.

What makes our work unique from everyone elses?

l think we are unique because most of our work is “one of a kind” and it encourages all kinds of creativity.

What is the strangest thing you have ever mosaiced?

Mistakenly l did a mosaic of a lady with six fingers on one hand, didn’t notice until someone pointed it out (embarrassing).

Whose work mosaics or otherwise do you most admire?

I admire all mosaic artists from the beginners to the professionals, l know how much work goes into them. But l am in awe of those who do portraits so well. Haven’t tried one as yet!

Do you sell your work?

Up to date l have given lots to family and friends but may have a stall at a market one day, BUT I have been saying that for years.

What advice would l give other mosaic artists?

Try to complete one mosaic at a time and go with whatever you feel like doing whether it is different or not!Also don’t panic when it is in the work in progress stage and not looking so good, after grouting it all comes together.

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